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Raise Your SAT or ACT Scores


Scoring well on the SAT or ACT can make a big difference in which colleges may even consider you for admission. While standardized testing scores certainly aren’t the only thing admissions officers look at, they can be a way to pare down a pool of highly qualified applicants or to limit which students will get into a given program. Because of this, it’s essential to do well when you take these tests. Whether you’ve already taken them once and want to aim for a higher score or want to go in super prepared your first time around, here are some ways that you can help ensure your test scores are as high as they can be.

Take an SAT or ACT class. If you didn’t do well studying and preparing on your own, perhaps it’s time to turn to the experts. A class on the ACT or SAT will help to teach you study methods, test taking strategies and will review material you’ll need to know– all things that can be a big help come test day.

Practice makes perfect. There is no substitute for taking practice exams and studying with flashcards before the test. The more you go over the materials, the more comfortable you’ll be when you get to the real deal. Do no underestimate the power of studying.

Learn test-taking strategies. There are a number of strategies out there created for taking standardized tests like these. If you struggled trying to apply your own method, consider using one of these tried and true forms of test-taking instead. They might change how you see the test altogether and could help dramatically improve your score.

Plan to pace yourself. When taking such a long exam, good pacing is essential. After all, you’ll have a set amount of time to finish each section. Decide how long you want to spend on each part and keep track as you go. Time yourself taking practice exams to see what the pacing you’re aiming for feels like in action.

Focus on mastering the basics. Knowing the fundamentals of math and science that will be covered in the exam will help you immensely. Any SAT or ACT study guide will lay these out for you. Do not move on to more complex ideas until you feel confident that you’ve mastered the basics.

If you didn’t do well your first time around taking the ACT or SAT, don’t give up hope. Take the test again with some of these tips in mind to help you gear up for a much better second score that can improve your chances of getting into the college of your dreams.

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