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Rheumotology Nurse

Rheumatology nurses help patients who are stricken with rheumatic diseases and any disorders affecting the joints and connective tissues. They often work with patients suffering from complex rheumatic diseases, including rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, fibromyalgia, myositis and lyme disease. They provide patients with information, support and care to manage their diseases or conditions. Rheumatology nurses monitor the patient’s blood work and test pain response to establish symptoms and treat them accordingly. Once they have pinpointed the causes, they can begin administering medications that will treat pain. Since many of these diseases and conditions are extremely painful and cause a great deal of stress on patients, rheumatology nurses focus much of their attention on patient counseling and helping them manage their pain.

Rheumatology nurses are licensed registered nurses (RNs) who have earned an associate or bachelor’s degree in nursing or completed a nursing diploma program, as well as passed the NCLEX-RN licensing exam. Once these steps have been met, nurses can begin exploring additional certification and employment opportunities. Depending on your geographic location, employer, education level or experience as a registered nurse, some states may require rheumatology nurses to obtain certification through examination, while others can start working an entry-level job and work their way up within the specialty.

As the population ages and more people seek treatment for their rheumatic diseases, rheumatology nurses will continue to find work. In addition to positive employment opportunities, rheumatology nurses can expect favorable salaries in the future. According to, rheumatology nurses can make $35,000 or more per year. Their salaries can vary based on location, employer, experience and job responsibilities, but it is important to remember there are numerous opportunities for advancement within this specialty. Another perk to being a rheumatology nurse is the rewarding patient-nurse relationship that is built during doctor’s visits, treatments and counseling, as well as helping patients restore an optimal state of health and mindset.