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Camp Nurse

Camp nurses make a temporary or semi-permanent residence at a seasonal or year-round camp and are responsible for treating the various illnesses and injuries of those staying at the camp. While many camp nurses work summers only or part-time, some serve in a full-time, year-round capacity. Camp nurses are often responsible for administering daily medications or treatments for children with diabetes or asthma, as well as providing first aid for common camp ailments such as bee stings, scrapes, dehydration or poison ivy. They may also care for children with chronic issues, such as HIV/AIDS or mental or physical disabilities. Some are on call 24/7 for emergency needs within their scope.

The higher education requirements for camp nurses differ from camp to camp, but all will need to be licensed as registered nurses (RNs) or licensed professional nurses (LPNs) to qualify for these positions. For typical summer camps with healthy children or adults, the camp nurse may only need a nursing diploma or an associate degree. However, camp nurses who have more demands placed on them, such as working daily with special needs children or adults, may be required to hold a bachelor’s degree in nursing. Some applicants for camp nurse positions may need to show they have experience in pediatric nursing.

Camp nurses do not typically take home a high salary, but looking after the health care needs of children can provide valuable experience that can lead to higher paying careers in pediatric nursing later on down the line. Camp nurses can earn as little as $400-$700 a week or as high as $7,000-$8,500 a week, according to camp nurse job postings on the Association of Camp Nurses Web site. Many faith-based camps are nonprofit organizations and cannot afford high salaries for nurses. Other camps that require specialized training in working with overweight or special needs children often pay their camp nurses a higher salary. Room and board, and occasionally travel expenses, are absorbed by the camp.